USA Takeover Square

I’m watching you!

Kiss my ass1

Hey Martin...and/or guys...

You haven’t found this page yet...

Explain to me how you were able to authorized a royalty payment without any royalties shown to be due on the reports and the payment was paid one month before it is due.

Who is authorized to do that... that’s who I want...

And look at what this site looks like now:

This is now a criminal matter. You must call the FBI. The FBI will investigate why I am coming after you and Amazon.

Here’s what I would do if I were you. I would go to Ashburn, VA, and find your computer with the ip address, then find out who was on it on November 28th, just before 3 am., and you might find the one fucking with me.

Don’t worry, I’m only going to kill the following people:

  • alexityICIO,
  • arataa-7,
  • kj aneekev,
  • bryabec3,
  • savvyseller19894,
  • stacsissoO,

 Those people are fucked. If you are not any of them, don’t worry.

Maybe you gave this to Dr. Laura?